Galila is the Pangasinan word used to allure tourists and travelers. It is often painted on tourist slogans of the province and heard from the chants of street dancers during festivals.

Hundred Islands Pangasinan Ultimate Travel Guide

In English, it means “Come and visit!” However, the true essence of galila is not fully understood by the mere English translation alone. You have to experience Pangasinan beauty and hospitality in order to know and encounter the weight and message that galila carries.

Pangasinan’s growing tourism

Pangasinan tourism is slowly growing, with nine million tourists visiting the province in 2018. While this number is small when compared to nearby tourist landmarks like Baguio and Subic, it is a number of hope. Pangasinan tourism is thriving and the provincial government is in full force to support this growth.

Fiestas and festivals in…

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