No, Japan Will Not Pay For Half Your Travel Costs If You Visit

If you are one of those who got extremely excited about the news that Japan will subsidize your travel costs if you visit the country after the pandemic, sorry, but that is not entirely true.

Earlier this week, news claiming that the Japanese government will subsidize visitors’ travel costs up to 20,000 yen/day ($185/day) if you visit Japan after the pandemic.

Kyoto Japan by Andre Benz via unsplash

According to an article published on May 26 in the Japanese news outlet Kyodonews, this program is the government’s way of reviving the tourism industry that was greatly affected by the pandemic. This was quickly picked up by other international news agencies such as The Daily Mirror in the UK, South China Morning Post in HongKong, iRadio in Ireland, as well as many travel blogs.

However, on May 27, the…

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