NANJING, China, April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese art matters “Everyone talks and paints” public course project, won the support of Jiangsu Art Foundation in 2018 and the “Excellent Case Award” of Jiangsu Institution of Museums in 2019, now is an attempt to explore and combine features the era of public education and new media communication.

Everyone talks and paints video

“Everyone talks and paints” is a public aesthetic education project led by the director of Jiangsu Art Museum Xu Huiquan and implemented by the Ministry of Public Education. Cooperate with high-quality exhibitions for more than three months, and uphold the principle of show-by-show while inviting well-known artists, theorists, and curators to record guide videos for the public. Each guide video is widely broadcasted through multi-form, multi-channel and multi-terminal like the…

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