India is a place where culture and tradition have been followed since long. We are the country having one of the oldest cultures, the Hinduism and we have followed it for many centuries. Apart from accepting modern cultures, we are still imbibed with the culture which out older generation followed and we are still following. Here are some of the cities in India which you can explore to experience the culture in India


Experience the Sikh Culture here at Amritsar, Punjab which is known as The Golden City of Punjab. The city was established in 1574 as the holy town. The city is known for its golden temple, jalianwala bagh and close distance to Wagah border. It was the 4th Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das who had constructed the holy lake near to the golden temple and is one of the most sacred places for Sikhs.


The capital city of Uttar Pradesh is a place of Nawabs. The…

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