Photographs by Dennis Cox, Text by Clark Norton

In the course of reviewing “Cruising the World – From Gondolas to Megaships”, the 208 pages, 9.5” x 12” full-color hardcover coffee table book featuring 535 photos, depicting 37 varieties of cruise vessels, representing 77 countries, on all seven continents, I interviewed the photographer Dennis Cox. I told him how much I enjoyed his book, how excited I was to read about segments of the cruise industry previously unknown to me, and what I thought about the current state of cruising. (see the review here)

Cruising the World – From Gondolas to Megaships

He then shared some wisdom of cruising photography, photography in general, and the travel involved to capture his stunning images. His comments are in quotation marks “ ”.

When I asked what his advice is for a budding photographer, Dennis Cox startled me by…

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