Dorothy said there was no place like home.

As travellers, we would usually have to disagree. Especially after she stole our favourite red sparkly party shoes and there was that whole ‘talking to scarecrows’ incident.

But for many of us, home is the safest and most responsible place to be at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of upgrading our four walls to a Scandi treehouse, or an underwater reef hotel, right?

When it’s time to get back on road, add a couple of these unique places to stay to your travelling property portfolio. Sorry about the hotel porn, peeps. We’ve got a bit of cabin fever setting in…

Reefsuites, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Despite being underwater, there are no wet beds at Reefsuites.

The Great Barrier Reef’s first underwater hotel, Reefsuites is part of Reef World: a permanent pontoon moored off Hardy Reef. A truly…

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