What are the top tourist attractions to visit in Busan, South Korea?

From shopping districts, beaches, mountains, and shrines, Busan, South Korea offers a diverse landscape that caters to all different kinds of tourists and their unique preferences.

Best Things to Do in Busan

As a small port city located in the southeast of South Korea, Busan, as a tourist destination is rich and diverse in activities. This is all thanks to the natural topography that intersects with manmade structures such as slums that are turned to aesthetic tourist hotspots, a wonderful port overlooking the ocean, beaches, parks, and shrines for worship.

With a vast amount of things to do and places to visit, it can get overwhelming to plan for your trip to Busan. This list collects the top 15 things that you should do on a trip to Busan, South Korea.

What can I do in Busan?

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