Veenendaal Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Veenendaal, Netherlands

Veenendaal in the Netherlands is a hidden gem waiting to be found. While Veenendaal seems raw and underdeveloped, this city has plenty of things to offer for tourists, such as historical facilities, nature reserves, and entertainment hubs. Here are some of the things you can do during your trip:

Tour Grebbelinie Bezoekerscentrum

Grebbelinie Bezoekerscentrum photo via Fb Page

Veenendaal is a crucial part of the Netherlands since the city was a defensive barrier in forts and camps. Grebbelinie Bezoekerscentrum serves as a war museum that documents Veenendaal’s history.

This museum is filled with colorful statues of soldiers, a tank, and other war relics. After your tour, you can eat at the Grebbelounge restaurant.

Stroll Around Castle Amerongen

Castle Amerongen photo via Depositphotos
Castle Amerongen photo via Depositphotos

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