Tacoma Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Tacoma, Washington

Exceptional outdoor activities, top-notch coastline, and barely discovered glaciers—the charm of Washington is undeniable from a traveler’s standpoint.

In this state is the supercharged city-port that is Seattle. Apart from Seattle’s ability to deliver according to expectations, it also has well-distinguished movies bearing its name. But if you’re growing more tired of well-explored cities, you need not move an inch from Washington. Just southwest of Seattle is the port city of Tacoma, and it’s nothing short of oozing with ‘come hither’ appeal.

Being part of the Puget Sound, Tacoma is home to many crèmes de la crème under-the-sun amusements. If you think you’re ready for this adventure, the waves on the barely traversed Tacoma will take you to at least fifteen different places.


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