Porto Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Porto, Portugal

Porto is probably one of the most fascinating cities that people would like to travel and spend their time. The historic center of Porto, Luiz I Bridge, and Monastery of Serra do Pilar is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thus, adding up to the number of tourists.

Given its panoramic view in the center of the city alongside Douro River, which is complemented with six spectacular bridges, how can you possibly resist what Porto offers? If you have Porto in your bucket list, well buckle up because listed below are the best things to make your stay worth it in Porto, Portugal.

Spend Time in Dom Luís I Bridge

Dom Luis, I bridge at night By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Ever want to reflect life decisions while enjoying a beautiful view? Spend it at Dom Luís I Bridge, which straddles the Douro River. This…

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