Miskolc Bucket List: Best Activities and Amazing Places to Visit in Miskolc, Hungary

Miskolc is a city located in Hungary’s northeastern region and is mostly known for its factories and industries. Besides the plants and factories, this city also has boundless beech-covered hills in its backdrop.

Diosgyor Castle, which used to be a summer retreat for Hungary’s royalties, is one of the top landmarks in the city and holds numerous medieval carnivals and reenactment during summer. But there are more attractions in Miskolc that can fit into your weekend plan. Here are our Top 15 Best Things to Do in Miskolc:

1. Admire Castle of Diosgyor

The medieval castle of Diosgyor in Hungary. photo via Depositphotos

Located some eight kilometers from the city center, the Castle of Diosgyor was built in the mid-14th century by Louis I of Hungary in the slopes of the Bukk Mountains….

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