Pai Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Pai, Thailand

If you’ve never visited Pai on previous trips to Thailand, you miss out on an amazing destination. This small town is located between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son and is a destination full of mountains and natural beauty. With the Pai River traveling through the eastern part of the town, great water and nature-based activities are on offer.

Pai Forest

How to Get There

To get to Pai, you will want to start your journey in Chiang Mai, which can be reached by train or air. From Chiang Mai, take the bus to Pai. Route 1095 is known for being very steep and winding, but it’s a very scenic drive. The journey takes up to four hours, passing through hundreds of turns in the road.

Best Time to Visit Pai

With winter approaching throughout the world, November onwards is one of the best times to visit Thailand to enjoy…

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