We, like many people, love coffee. It’s a staple of our morning routine, whether we’re on a road trip, on  a camping adventure, or just hanging out at home.

Of course, there’s a world of variety when it comes to coffee, and not every coffee drink is created equally. When we’re at home it’s easy for us to make a great cup of coffee, but when we’re travelling, it’s not always so simple.

Whether you are trying to escape the instant coffee in hotel rooms or the bad diner coffee, trying to fuel your espresso addition in the wilderness, or trying to save money on buying expensive coffee at places like Starbucks, we think that making your own coffee may be the way to go. You can make your own coffee to your own liking for much less than you’d spend if you bought it from a coffee shop. Making your own coffee can also be a more environmentally friendly option as well.

With this…

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