Best things to do in Sikkim

The area of North East India is little to less explored and the state of Sikkim in North East has many things to do which on your visit can explore the place and also do some of the things mentioned over here.

Taste the local delicacy

When you are in Sikkim, do not miss to try out the local delicacy of Sikkim. Infused with its border, Tibet Sikkim offers Tibetian delicacy which is a must when you plan your trip here.  Also, explore the market of Sikkim which is full of spice, Sikkim is known as Cardamom capital of India. It stands next to Guatemala in Cardamom production in the world.

The Goecha La Pass Located in the backdrop of 1st Highest Peak in India, Kanchenjunga the Goecha La pass is one of the memorial experience which one can do on their visit to Sikkim. Experience jaw-dropping views,…

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