Albay is a miracle of nature. It is a province belonging to the Bicol Region of the Philippines, Albay as a tourism spot should be in every local Pinoy (and foreigners, too!) traveler‘s bucket list. Your travel experience in this province will surely remain as an ethereal memento.

Albay is simply beautiful. It offers a captivating blend of both nature and history. One of the main features of Albay as a tourist hotspot, which the local government prides itself for, is the pristine condition of its historical landmarks.

These travel hotspots within the province of Albay remain untouched by commercialization and urbanization, presenting a look of beauty as if you are peering into a time machine.

Because of the beauty of Albay, it was added to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. But Albay is not only known for its calming touch of nature and pristine…

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