Avila is known for being the most elevated provincial capital in Spain. Surrounded by its still-intact medieval fortifications, Avila is also known as the Town of Stones and Saints and has the highest concentration of Gothic and Romanesque churches in Spain. Avila is located just 88 kilometers from Madrid, making it one of the easiest getaways from the capital. Visiting Avila is like transcending into another realm, with its wealth of extraordinary manmade and natural monuments.

View at the Convent Santa Teresa of Avila photo via Depositphotos

Besides its awe-inspiring architecture, Avila also boasts some breathtaking natural landscapes, owing to the undulating peaks of the Sierra Gredos Mountains. Avila was declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain in 1985.

There are a plethora of things to do and see in Avila.

Explore the Murallas

fortification of Avila, Castile and Leon, Spain photo via DepositPhotos

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