Known for its network of canals, the city of Aveiro has one of the most colorful landscapes in Portugal. It is also a favorite day trip from the city of Porto thanks to its storied history and culture as well as attractive beaches. Aveiro is also referred to as the “Venice of Portugal,” because of the maze of canals that crisscross its city center. The colorful boats on the canals also make the city of Aveiro one of Portugal’s charming destinations.

Amazing Things to do in Aveiro Portugal

15 Best Things to Do and See in Aveiro, Portugal

Take a ride on a traditional ride called Moliceiro

Moliceiro Boat Trip in Aveiro
Moliceiro Boat Trip in Aveiro

With all its canals, the highpoint of visiting the city of Aveiro is taking a colorful boat ride. These boats are locally known as the moliceiro and a little bit roomy compared to the ones in Venice. Besides the great and unforgettable experience…

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