JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ASEAN countries have agreed to maximize shared digital media facilities as a means of disseminating information related to the handling of COVID-19 and the promotion of tourism in ASEAN member states through one one-gateway. All updates on travel, tourism and measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic from Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy can soon be found at www.visitseasia.travel. 

ASEAN Agrees to Use visitseasia.travel Website as Official Platform for All Tourism and COVID-19 Related Updates

The decision was reached following a proposal by current Chair of the ATTCT, Malaysia, to maximize a shared website of ASEAN tourism to disseminate COVID-19 related updates during a “Special Video Conference Meeting of the ASEAN Tourism Communication Team (ATCCT) on the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)” on

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