When we visited Mauritius, one of the aspects of our trip I was most excited about was the food. Having grown up in the Seychelles, another island group in the Indian Ocean, I was particularly interested to see how the food in Mauritius compared to the food in the Seychelles.

Both nations offer a rich Creole menu that includes a lot spice and of course, being in the Indian Ocean, a focus on fresh seafood.

However, there are obviously big cultural and historical differences between the two countries, and as Mauritius is a much larger nation, there’s a wider range of local produce that can be drawn upon to create flavours.

In addition, the strong Indian heritage of Mauritius has resulted in a range of Indian inspired dishes. This combines with Chinese, European, and African influences to create a truly unique cuisine.

I was, I have to say, hugely impressed by the food in Mauritius. Many…

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