If you’re hankering to get off-planet and explore alien landscapes, your options for getting into space as a tourist are kind of limited and expensive right now. Plus, you can’t really go anywhere cool in space just yet, all you can do is float around a bit.

Whilst floating around in space still sounds pretty awesome, the price tag is quite high for such an experience. So if your bank balance doesn’t have multiple zeros before the decimal point, you might instead consider heading to Australia.

Why Australia? Well, in some of the remote outback locations of this vast country, it’s not hard to imagine you’re on an alien planet.

But don’t just take my word for it. Numerous films have used Australian scenery to stand-in for either other planets, or post-apocalyptic landscapes, including Pitch Black, Mad Max 2, The Osiris Child and Red Planet, to name but a few. So I think it’s…

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