Post-Pandemic Travel: How Risky Is It To Fly and Where Will I go?

As an avid traveler, a lot of people have been asking me—“Where will you go after this pandemic?”

For a lot of people, travel plans have essentially been canceled due to the pandemic. Others do not even consider traveling even after the community quarantine is lifted. However, some are excited to travel once again. This trip may be their much-needed vacation, or they would like to see how their families are doing after over three months of staying at home.

Cebu Pacific New Normal Check-in Physical Distancing

My reasons for wanting to travel are a bit different. Of course, I’d love to enjoy and have fun after this period of being locked indoors. However, I would still like to exercise caution when traveling. But the main reason is to observe and learn the “new normal” of the tourism and…

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