In today’s guide I’m going to teach you how to watermark photos. Whatever type of camera or smartphone you have, there’s a way to add a watermark to your photos.

I use watermarks on most of the photos I share on our blogs and on social media, and I have a process I use to add those watermarks easily and quickly to my photos.

I’ll cover everything you need to know about watermarking your photos, including how to remove a watermark from a photo!

First though, let me answer some questions about watermarks in photography.

What is a Watermark in Photography?

A watermark is an identifying element which is added to a photo. Usually it’s added to a digital photo but it can also be added to a printed photos.

A watermark can be a graphic, like a logo, or it can be a piece of text like a photographer’s name or business name. Watermarks are used for a number of reasons,…

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