9 Countries that have declared covid free as of 10-06-2020

From past 5-6 months, a hot trending topic worldwide is the deadly pandemic called SARS COV-2 aka Covid-19 aka Coronavirus. We have written many articles related to the harm that is caused by covid-19, changes, how it affected tourism, travel and many other topics. Amid this sad news, there is a sense of happy news, currently, as of 10-06-2020 9 countries have declared that their nation is free of Coronavirus and tourism will slowly pick up soon. These include.

  1. New ZealandOne of the latest countries to announce that they are coronavirus free country is New Zealand. On June 08, 2020, Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern spoke with officials and later announced the last known Coronavirus patient has recovered and their country has lifted many restrictions…

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