In 2018, ‘single-use’ was named the word of the year by Collins Dictionary.

‘Plogging’ – jogging while picking up litter – also made it into the dictionary. (As did an updated description for ‘flossing’, but we’re studiously choosing to ignore that one!).

This evolution in language is indicative of just how far the dialogue on plastics has come, pervading how we think and changing our purchasing habits. But what is more inspirational is how some governments have gone a step further, by passing laws to ban plastics altogether from their countries, oceans and eco-systems.

This July, in honor of Plastic Free Month, we thought we’d celebrate the destinations that are making serious waves in the fight against plastic pollution. From Italy to Indonesia, we salute you!

Capri, Italy

Famous for its stunning blue grotto, high-end beach clubs and café-strewn…

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