Baguio City, Philippines — Breakfast in Baguio is always delightful. The combination of the cold atmosphere and the exposure to nature is the perfect ambiance to wake up to and eat breakfast in the morning. I will never forget my first breakfast in Baguio City, as I enjoyed sipping hot cocoa while watching the early bustle of the city and the fog hovering above the mountains.

Best Breakfast Places in Baguio City

This list is a compilation of the 7 best breakfast places in Baguio City. Baguio is home to a lot of restaurants and dining choices, therefore, it can get a little overwhelming. Not to worry, as this list can serve as your reference when choosing. With these delicious breakfast options, you would never want to skip the most important meal of the day in the City of Pines.

Hill Station

Hill Station Baguio City
Hill Station Baguio City

Hill Station located in Casa Vallejo of Upper…

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