If you’re anything like us, your bucket list is as long as the line at the departure gate when the check-in staff announce that the plane is ready to board (your seat isn’t going anywhere, people)! Maybe it’s full of palm-fringed beaches, late night cities or thrilling bungees and sky dives. Or if you’re a culture vulture, you’ll have a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites shoved into the mix.

If it’s the latter, it could be time to update your list.

Every year, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee takes a look at the best cultural and natural wonders of the world, adding to the list of sites.

There are already some absolute winners on there, including the Grand Canyon and Angkor Was, but here are the potential newbies for 2020.

Potential UNESCO World Heritage sites

What? Southwestern Coast Tidal Flats
Where? Gosmo Bay, Yeoja Bay and Hamhae Bay, South Korea


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