The city of Mombasa is a historical port town that boasts a unique blend of cultures that have developed over centuries by Africans and foreigners. The natives of Mombasa are collectivist in nature. They take part in many cultural activities as a goal of bringing about social togetherness and unifying their community. The Mombasa culture includes Swahili delicacies, colorful clothing, different genres of music, unique crafts, and intriguing artwork. Its rich culture can easily be seen by visiting its local museums or art galleries.

Gedi Ruins National Monument and Museum

Ruins of the Great Mosque at Gedi By I, Mgiganteus, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Gedi Ruins National Monument and Museum is a Swahili village that is very old. It was established during the 12th century. It is among a splendorous forest, consisting of giant Baobab Trees and Tamarind. The museum is located along…

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