Pembrokeshire is one of my favourite places in Wales to visit. Not only is it totally stunning, but there’s also a heap of historic and dramatic spots to see all across (and just outside) Pembrokeshire itself. Now, with a pretty big area to cover, it can be a little mind-boggling when it comes to finding all the best places in Pembrokeshire to visit. This is exactly why I wanted to share my favourite spots.

Now, it’s likely you’ll be travelling around Pembrokeshire by car? And, to be honest, it’s probably the easiest way to navigate this area of Wales. Although there are limited train lines and rural bus links, they can be few and far between. This can be especially when looking to visit more isolated or countryside spots. 

That being said, it’s kinda a benefit to exploring some of the best places in Pembrokeshire by car. This way, you’re…

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