One of the great things about visiting an island is being able to spend some time on the coast – and England, as part of wider Great Britain, is no exception. With a heap of the best beaches in England dotted all across the shorelines, you’ll end up being totally spoilt for choice on sandy bays to visit.

That being said, with so many beaches to choose from, I wanted to share some of my very favourite bays and beaches that I love most.

Some are situated in the South of England, some in the North of England whilst others are nestled on gorgeous islands that hug the shoreline. 

Have the most incredible time chilling and enjoying the surf! Oh, and don’t forget that sunscreen. 

Take a look, below, at the best beaches in England to visit. Enjoy! 

1.) Camber Sands

Beaches in England sand dunes

Just south of the picturesque town of Rye, Camber Sands is a sandy paradise…

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