What was once a highly disputed territory between the Byzantine and Ottoman empire has now become a story waiting to be told. While Kosovo is not a completely modernized country, it has a rich history, which is told through classical architectures as some of which were recognized as UNESCO heritage sites.

Sunset view of the old stone bridge and old Ottoman Sinan Pasha Mosque photo via Depositphotos

As territories begin to modernize, the beauty of nature becomes a rare asset, which is why Kosovo is a sight to behold. Thus, here are the places you can visit for your Kosovo adventure:


Mother Teresa street in Pristina via Depositphotos
Mother Teresa street in Pristina via Depositphotos

As the country’s capital, Pristina is the most vibrant city as such is the center of entertainment, healthcare, and commerce. It also has a rich culture through its historical sites such as mosques and monuments.

This city also…

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