There’s more to Bohol than what the tourism advertisements repeatedly show. It’s not just about the famed Chocolate Hills or the adorable tarsier. Bohol is an island province of richness and diversity, and you would not want to miss any of it. The hill terrains and rainforests bestow a chance to experience spectacular views and a thriving ecosystem, but as you venture into the outer edges of the province, a new scenery awaits you.

Best Beaches in Bohol by lorenz Narbs via Unsplash

This scenery is of towering palm trees, against a white sand beach that overlooks into a neverending sea of blue. In this same scenery, you can relax on a hammock tied to the trees, while you enjoy a cold one on the hot beaches. When it comes to Bohol’s vast trove of beaches, Panglao Island is on the top of the list.

And that’s for a good reason, as Panglao Island offers top-notch…

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