Turkish cuisine uniquely features a fusion of flavors from different parts of the world. Many of them were hailed from a menu served explicitly among emperors only during the olden times. Apart from this illustrious influence, a wide range of Turkish meals were inspired by Ottoman cuisine and bore many Asian techniques. If you want to know more of the best food in Turkey, here’s the comprehensive list:

Doner kebabs

Doner kebab

Turkish cuisine is famous for the mouth-watering kebabs. You will see many kebab stalls in Turkey, showcasing well-seasoned meat in an inverted cone shape that goes around a vertical rotisserie. Slowly, thin slices of really flavorful meat are sliced and served usually with flatbread. This doner kebab is said to have inspired the popular shawarma.


Simit paired with Turkish Tea
Simit paired with Turkish Tea

If you love bread, you will surely appreciate Simit. It is…

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