Visiting a new country with a different culture is always a large undertaking. It can be difficult to navigate language, culture, etiquette, and customs. Japan has its own eccentricities and quirks which can make this confusing or difficult to travelers.

Complete Guide Before Visiting Japan via DepositPhotos

These twelve tips should help you to sail smoothly through some of these issues.


Japanese Yen Bills and coins photo via Depositphotos
Japanese Yen Bills and coins photo via Depositphotos

Japan has clung to being a ‘cash only’ society for a long time. It has long been known that some shops and restaurants in Japan only accept cash. In recent years there has been an increase in credit cards being accepted in stores, and a number of cashless payment apps have been introduced. However, a lot of these require Japanese residency so for those visiting Japan, cash is still the number one choice. In case you need…

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