Utah might not seem like the most obvious choice when thinking of places to visit in the United States, but that’d be wrong! There are so many totally epic and best places in Utah that are dotted all across the state and well worth visiting whilst on a road trip.

Yes, Utah can be overshadowed by its well-known siblings like California, Florida or New York (to name a few). Though, that doesn’t mean you should just brush past Utah without giving it a second glance. It’s one of the best states to visit in the United States if you’re a nature-lover like us! 

Trust me, Utah is a gold mine of incredible places and history that you really can’t miss. Plus, it’s so diverse, too. Just be prepared for some pretty big rambles around the state… your feet will be sore! 

Best Places In Utah To Visit (1)

With that in mind, take a little gander at some of…

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