The State of Idaho might be a little far from the big-hitting, popular, states of California or New York but that doesn’t mean it’s not incredible! You see, there’s a heap of the best things to do in Idaho dotted all across the state. Which, if I’m honest, is really easy to visit on a wider road trip to places like Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons.

Trust me, Idaho has a lot more going on than just potatoes! After visiting Idaho, I wanted to share some of my favourite stops to see whilst you’re visiting. Now, some are a little off-the-beaten-track whilst others are really easy to find; whatever the case, there’s a good few gems that I’m hoping you’ll take a gander at when exploring Idaho.

Best Things To Do In Idaho (1)

Take a peek, below, at some of the best things to do in Idaho when you visit. Have the best trip.

1. Yellowstone National Park

Best Things To Do In Idaho (3)

Okay, the…

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