Singapore is one city I feel lucky to have called home! A big reason why is, of course, all the fun things to do in Singapore but the unexpected nature of some of them is perhaps what really made it so special to call the city ‘home’ for a while…

My move to Singapore happened right intertwined with my time studying at Cambridge University and I’ve gotta admit, I moved over armed with not much else than a stereotypical expectation of what Singapore, being the global city that it is, would be like.

Shiny, sparkly and chock-filled with glass and steel towers, was pretty much as far as my expectations would stretch at the time.

And don’t get me wrong, Singapore is shiny, sparkly and all the things you’d expect from a global city (well, except for the fact that the crime rate here is really low!

You’d feel as safe wandering around the streets at…

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