Palawan, Philippines – Coron is a municipality situated in the province of Palawan, Philippines, and is famous in the world for its wreck diving. During the period towards the end of World War II, a number of Japanese war and supply ships were bombed and sunk by the Allied forces, and so these shipwrecks are currently at the bottom of the sea to be explored by licensed divers.

Best Airbnbs in Coron Palawan photo by @tatonomusic via Unsplash

Besides that, Coron is also famous for its cluster of beautiful islands and stunning beaches surrounded by superb scenery. Palawan is usually dubbed the Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines because of its abundance of unspoiled natural resources.

Are you looking to visit Coron Palawan? Below is our compiled list of 10 most beautiful Airbnbs in the island.

The Best Airbnb Deals in Coron Palawan

Private 3-Bedroom Unit,…

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