Prague is one of those incredibly beautiful cities in Europe that’s perfect to explore; especially as part of a weekend or longer trip. You see, it’s got something for everyone; history, tasty food, gorgeous cobbled streets and loads of stunning buildings. Honestly, there’s a whole heap of the best things to do in Prague that are dotted all across the city. 

For me, the thing I loved most about Prague was how walkable the city centre is. This means that it’s great if you don’t want to be hopping on trains and buses the whole time whilst you’re in the city and you can actually see most places with a little, leisurely, stroll. 

Plus, all that walking means that you can order and extra huge dessert; well, that’s my excuse, anyway! ?

Anyway, before I get too hungry whilst talking about dessert, I wanted to pop over some of the best things to…

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