One of the larger of the Channel Islands, the gorgeous gem of Guernsey is stunning to visit. There’s a heap of the best things to do in Guernsey dotted all across the island; with the sandy coves, historic castles and yummy places to eat making it perfect for a long weekend trip! 

Easily reached by boat or flight, Guernsey is amazing to visit if you’re fancying a quieter and totally gorgeous trip away. Plus, you can easily partner this with a trip to see the best places in Jersey, too! 

Oh, and don’t forget about those few degrees of heat… You see, Guernsey is one of the more southerly places in the British Isles so benefits from more lovely temperatures. It’s great.

Take a look, below, at the best things to do in Guernsey on your next trip. Have a lovely time on the island.

1.) Castle Cornet

Castle Cornet In Guernsey

Nestled right on a tidal island (now…

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