Bordering beautiful states like Wyoming and Kansas, Colorado is a Midwestern gem that’s incredible to visit. Now, being one of the larger states in the US, it can be quite bamboozling when planning which of the best things to do in Colorado; especially as there’s so many. Not only that, they’re dotted all across the state and range from being totally accessible, to back trials, too.

There’s just so much to see! After all, Colorado has a heap of canyons, deserts and mountains, that date back hundreds of thousands of years. And you know what, that’s even before we get to talking about the historic pueblos and epic cities.

Trust me, you’re gonna be spoilt for choice!

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the best things to do in Colorado when you visit. It’s an epic state whatever time of the year you visit. Have the best time!


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